Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ode to A Calico

Your hair is everywhere

But usually on my bed

The place you came to cuddle

And liked to sleep on top my head

Sometimes while I was reading

You’d sprawl out on my tummy

It made it hard to breathe

But I still thought it was funny

At the sound of a can opener

You would run into the room

Where you are right now

I only can assume

I will miss your little head bashing into my face

And never seeing you again

I know just aint the case

So somewhere down the road

Where we meet I’ll have to guess

But I will bring a can of tuna

And make us TNS

Jasmine memorial by Mom

If you happened to be walking by the Bunt house last night,10/27, at around 10 PM and peeked into the backyard you might have thought you were witnessing a rehearsal of something special for Halloween night. There we were me, Rod, and our dog Jenny. I was lowering something into a hole and Rod picked up a shovel and began covering it
with dirt. The rain started to fall and we held a lantern for light.Truly something out of a Stephen King novel. Surely any minute a werewolf would jump out or our dog would start to growl and turn rabid. Or maybe, our precious cat Jasmine would
suddenly come to life and be her young, healthy self again.

None of that happened.

When our twin daughters, Angela and Jackie, were in the second grade they stumbled
upon two kittens at a tag sale. They pleaded with me for one of the kittens. Their dad, Rod, and I were dog people so I was sure that he would never agree to the request. I said if dad says okay I would agree. I figured I was safe. HA! Dad was all for it, or maybe he just couldn't say no to his girls.

The girls are now college seniors. That cat, a beautiful calico, spent 14 years as queen of the Bunt pet household. You say you hate cats? Many folks who came to our house said the same. Then they met Jasmine. She loved people, loved attention, loved to shower affection on people. Visitors had a hard time resisting her. My mother spent most of her life not trusting cats but she adored Jasmine. Same with my brother-in-law.

Jasmine wasn't perfect. She merely tolerated our other pets and at times could be quite a bitch to them. She was completely a people cat.

So last night after weeks of watching her get better then worse with this cancer thing we made the ride to the vet for the overdose of tranquilizer.

When we buried Jasmine we said a few words. I don't believe she heard them or anything but it was more to honor her. You know, you were the cat that changed us from 'dog only' people into 'dog and cat' people. You opened the door for the other cats in the house. That kind of stuff. Mostly I think we will honor Jasmine by the fact that so many of our passwords involve some variation of her name (woops...forget that).

So here's to you Jazzy. The very first Bunt cat. You were loved big time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Emergency Broadcast System.. can suck it by Will

The Emergency Broadcast System.. can suck it

The traditional fears of a young kid never really applied to me. Monsters never really scared me, I was fine with the dark, and thunder, or burglars. But I really don't think I can earn any bragging rights from any of that when I reflect on what really scared me... and slightly still does. The Emergency Broadcast System. Those 30 second bits on tv that struck at random were the only one thing that could dwarf my fear the alarm system in my old house. I used to switch gears from first to fifth when walking past it in a hallway. I even regularly sat myself in the kitchen in the seat the FURTHEST away from the nearest alarm unit on the wall in the next room, just to avoid making eye contact with it. Yup, it had eyes. Tiny illuminated green eyes. But I'd have gladly had a staring contest with those satanic eyes before not blocking my ears and running out of the room during the Emergency Broadcast System.

After growing up a little, I could never put my finger on what it was that scared me so badly. If I had to speculate, I'd assume it was the fact that it randomly came on (or attacked) during television shows and commercials, muting all sound instantly, and switching to a man in a deep voice trying to assure me, "THIS IS ONLY... A TEST." Then came the robotic modem-esque tones. The way I remember it as a kid, was a running text on the bottom in all caps saying words I never read because I was too scared to, with a picture of a satellite against a red background. It was all low budget and felt very "early 80's" even when it was running in the 90's. I remember working up the courage to ask my dad what it meant and he joking told me, "If any aliens land on earth they're going to run that message so we know what to do." Bad answer, Dad. Now I'll only be twice as afraid. But it turns out he wasn't exactly wrong...

A decade and a half later I'm watching Carson Daly's show at 2:00 in the morning... Don't judge me. In the middle of one of his godawful bland monologues it cuts to the Emergency Broadcast System. It's funny because I still to this day get extremely uneasy when it comes on, especially when it wakes me up. But after I bear through it like a child waiting for the doctor to take a needle out of his arm, I start to think about it... I really have no idea what the Emergency Broadcast System is all about. So I decide to do some research online. Where do I look? Wikipedia obviously.

According to Wikipedia, the Emergency Broadcast System has been around since the early 60's and it's for the President of the United States to communicate to the American public in the event of war, threat of war, or grave national crisis. I guess we can't rule out those alien landings after all Dad. But the interesting thing is it's never been used for more than "a test" except for one accidental slip up in the early 1970's. Wikipedia says, "Teletype operator W. S. Eberhardt accidentally 'played the wrong tape' during a test of the system. As a result, an EBS activation message authenticated with the codeword 'hatefulness' was sent through the entire system, ordering stations to cease regular programming and broadcast the alert of a national emergency. A cancellation message was sent at 9:59 AM EST; however, it used the same codeword again. A cancellation message with the correct codeword, 'impish,' was not sent until 10:13 AM EST." Uhh.. I don't know why they went with "hatefulness" as the codeword but if I saw that word flash on the screen during an actual emergency as a kid I probably would have had nightmares for weeks. But this still left me wondering what the point of it is. They didn't use it during 9/11 or during Hurricane Katrina, so what are they waiting for? Do they really need aliens to land?

What's the good news? This article informed me that I'm not alone! On the last blurb of the article it states under 'Purpose of the test and cultural impact': "The weekly broadcast of the EBS test message made it part of American cultural fabric of the era, and became the subject of all kinds of jokes and skits. Several people have testified about being frightened by the Test Pattern as children, and actual emergencies scared them even more." YES! Now I feel like less of a loser for being so afraid of this! (Oh really Will, you just said it still makes you uneasy, how about you get over it?) My research didn't stop there. I Googled "afraid of Emergency Broadcast System" and found message boards filled with posts about how people were scared of this as a kid. It's a scar that never fully healed and I still carry to this day. AND I KID YOU NOT - JUST FOUR MINUTES AFTER I FINISHED TYPING THAT SENTENCE AND SHUT THE LAPTOP SCREEN DOWN THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM CAME ON

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Answer me these questions three by Rod

The presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 4. Whoever is elected will hopefully dedicate themselves to the task of running the country. Whatever their approach (don't get me wrong, hearing John McCain talk about the "surge" and honor and victory in Iraq gives me flashbacks to the American Nightmare in Vietnam), I'm hoping that the new president will have more character and intelligence then what I've seen for the last eight years. Having somebody- having anybody at the controls might slow this country's swirl down the drain.
In addition to voting for a new president, I'll also get the chance to vote on three -count 'em- three ballot questions, concerning cutting the state personal income tax, de-criminalizing marajuana and making it illegal to bet on dog racing.

Boils down to this, for me.

Question #1
Don't cut taxes. cut the waste and legal bribery. Hook our legislators up to lie detectors; abolish campaign contributions from lobby groups with tons of cash and the ability to influence politicians. I'm voting no.

Question #2
Hell, the government should regulate marajuana just like it does booze. Put it on the grid, sell it at Walmart, right next to the cigarettes. Why should sketchy little weasel drug dealers from the Bronx make illegal profit by selling to the 53% of baby boomers who smoke pot? I'm voting yes.

Question #3
Doesn't even bear discussion. Stop abusing animals for the benefit of gambling income. race fucking cockroaches, save the dogs. I'm voting yes.

Here's a useful link from the Massachusetts Secretary of State concerning these initiatives:
I'm planning on being a good citizen and sending along my opinion.

Monday, October 20, 2008

No one on the corna have swagga like T.I. By Jackie

You can have whatevaaaa you likeeee... (track 6) with T.I.'s new album that is ...
Well not whatever, but you get the idea.

I love T.I's new album, titled "Paper Trail." I am a fan of rap, but I usually don't go out and buy a new album; I wait until Alicia makes a mix and then steal it.

When I first popped this baby in, I looked and saw " Dead and Gone" f. Justin Timberlake , track 16 I believe. I would look at the CD to make sure, but I left it in the other room and don't feel like getting up. This song is real good, good beat, intense lyrics, all the works. As some of you may know, T.I.'s best friend was killed this past year and his GF had a miscarriage, plus he went to jail. BUMMER. He brings all these things up throughout the album. I got the vibe that he wants to make himself a better man and move on past this gangsta life. Then I heard "Every Chance I Get," in which he says

Hey I'm so raw / and I'm so rich
And you so flawed / niggaz ain't 'bout shit

I'll take yo' broad / I can fuck yo' bitch

Know that I'm gon' ball / every chance I get

Now, I know he wants to make himself a better man...but talking about fuckin other people's bitches and broads isn't going to make new friends!

Anyways, another really good song is called " My Life Your Entertainment" F. Usher. T.I. basically complains about the media and whatnot takin over his life. Hi you're rich, deal with the paparazzi. Good song though.

The entire album is sweeet and fun to listen to when you go for a little ... just roll the windows down and bop ya head. And don't forget to LIVE YA LIFE AYYY AYYY OOO OOOO! ( see track #5 f/Rihanna)

[Editor's note: Jackie wrote this drunk at 3:30 a.m. after her roommate's 21st birthday. You call it alcoholism; I call it dedication. - Alicia]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I wanna know what his girlfriend knows by Alicia

He's earnin interest while he's sleepin, man, now who fucks wit him?

Jack and I recently went on a little bit of a shopping spree, and while on our consumer bender, we stumbled upon Nelly's new album, "Brass Knuckles." (We also got T.I.'s new "Paper Trail." Jackie will allegedly review it this week. Don't hold your breath.)

"Brass Knuckles" doesn't deviate from Nelly's standard formula: Fly beats, big name guest appearances, simple messages. And, as always, it works. Nelly doesn't get all deep, trying to tell us about all this complex emotional bull. I don't care about your psyche, Nelly. And he doesn't care to tell me. He's still singin' about sneakers, babes and cash. I like it!

Jack and I are huge fans of "Lie," featuring Nelly's crew, the St. Lunatics. In it, Nelly's chick accuses him of cheating and he denies it pretty believably. With a poppy backbeat. St. Lunatic Kyjuan raps,
Really don't know her, I seen her on MySpace / Looked at her page, all I seen was my face
Her username read "Kyjuan fo' life" / With videos and pictures, set up so right
The only bad thing is she writes me all night / Sayin shit like, "The 'Tics is so tight"
She ends with I love you, that starts the big fight / Baby, I can't control what she types
The St. Lunatics know how to identify with the social-client generation. On the other hand, in "Self Esteem," Nelly can't help but get a lil political:
They say I'm old enough to go to war / But I ain't old enough to play in the NBA no more
Now you tell me, what's wrong with that? / I pledge allegiance all the way to Iraq
But ain't nobody pledgin to me when I get back / Tell my Uncle Sam he wrong for that
The beat on this song isn't so great, but it's interesting to hear Nelly lyrically venture outside parties and relationships. Celeb appearances include Fergie, Snoop Dogg, Ashanti, T.I., and Pharrell. Among many others. Oh yeah, and can't forget L.L. Cool J. But let's look at something other than Nelly's rhymes. Let's look at ... his album jacket. I don't know where Nelly's been or what he's been up to since the last time I bought an album of his (2005's "Sweat/Suit," a double disc). But he looks so fine. He is JACKED. Nelly's always been sexy, especially since he took that Band-Aid off, but I would have dropped $13.99 on the album art alone.

See for yourself.


The only disappointment is "Stepped on My J'z," in which Nelly revisits the world of footwear with another rap about sneakers. It's a letdown after 2002's "Air Force Ones." ... But that's the worst I can say about the album. Nelly's forgiven anything with photos like that on the CD jacket.
Nelly delivers, as usual. This album is like a sugar fix -- you're down, you're craving a quick fix to pick you up. He's like a lollipop. Mmmm. Call me, Nelly.

Listen to:
Track 5. Lie f/St Lunatics
Track 10. Let It Go Lil Mama f/Pharrell
Track 13. Who Fucks Wit Me f/ Avery Storm

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game 5 Rally, Riots by Ivan

WESTFIELD – In Major League Baseball Thursday night, Game 5 in the series for the American League pennant took place with the Red Sox facing the Tampa Bay Rays. And it was a Thirsty Thursday at Westfield State, so of course people were raging. Again for Red Sox fans, it was a wild one: As soon as the Sox won, the campus went nuts.

The Sox were down 3-1 in the series, facing elimination.

Although I was really hammered, I do know that they won that game. As midnight approached, the game was reaching late innings, and Boston started to rally. Even though the team faced a 7-0 deficit and was on the verge of being eliminated, Sox fans still had faith.

In the bottom of the seventh Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir was relieved, and the Sox began to rally. A homer from Big Papi brought the game within 3 runs. Then in the bottom of the eighth, the Sox would rally again, with a homer by J.D. Drew and a single by Coco Crisp. With three more runs in the eight, it was now a tie ball game!

In the end the Sox, would pull it off, in one of the greatest comebacks in postseason history. The ninth inning began with Kevin Youkilis getting on base from an infield error by Evan Longoria. Boston was now in scoring position. After walking Jason Bay, the Rays faced Drew again. And again he pulled it off, with a line drive blast to deep right. It was a ground-rule double, Youkilis scores, and the Red Sox win.

It happened at 12:16 am, exactly 5 years (to the minute exactly … freaky) after the infamous walk-off blast from Aaron Boone in the 2003 ALCS. For those of you who do not know… it was the Red Sox and the Yankees that played in one of the greatest AL Pennant games. That year, the Yankees came back to win and go to the World Series. Leaving the Sox fans saddened again for another year.

Lots of Westodians ran outside and were cheering “J.D. Drew,” “Fuck the Yankees,” “Let’s go Sox,” among other things. The Sox didn’t win the pennant or the World Series [yet], but hey, it was something to do. Why not run out there and rage on with the mob of students?

So now what?
It still isn’t over. It wasn’t even a clinching game for Boston. Now they have to go to St. Petersburg, Fla., for the rest of the series.

But hey, why not riot anyways?

The Sox go on to Game 6 of the American League Championship series at 8:07 tonight, Oct. 18. James Shields will get the start for Tampa, as Josh Beckett starts for Boston. Stay tuned to buntology for the results and other game news.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Roe V. Wade & some closing thoughts by Rochelle

I thought a lot about what I wanted to say about this last debate. It was clearly the best one. Surely, on that we ALL agree.

We Bunts have clearly been Obama supporters. I hope everyone realizes that we can't help but be sarcastic... it's in our blood. We poke fun and joke even when things are deadly serious. Quite irritating at times. This is the most political we have ever been and I am really thrilled to have my girls so active and involved.

That being said, I am going to TRY to be serious this time because I am really concerned. For real!

Roe vs. Wade

So I was in high school in the 70's when Roe V Wade passed. THANK GOD!!! I seriously went with several friends to clinics in NYC because there were none on LI. Doctors didn't deal with this issue, parents were not so open minded, and everyone had to lie and sneak around. This was AFTER Roe v Wade... so you can imagine what it was like before. This was in middle class, white America. I realize it is 35 years later but the very idea that we would turn back the clock and take away a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body is absurd. I can't even imagine any female accepting it.

I realize McCain feels it should be a state's decision and that Massachusetts is a liberal state so we are pretty much "safe" but I object to that idea. No state, no person, no one should be making that CHOICE for a woman.

Another thing that pisses me off. I have many friends and relatives who are 'Pro-Life'. I respect that and have no issue with it. I understand why they feel the way they do and won't even argue the point since I feel this is THEIR CHOICE.

I AM PRO-CHOICE NOT PRO-ABORTION! I do not even know anyone who is pro-abortion.

Okay.. I'm done.

I'll have the "change sandwich" by Will

Obama has a significant lead over McCain and as long as he remained dishonest in the debate he would remain in the lead. And by saying "as long as he remained dishonest" I mean as long as he continued to try and hide the fact that he's a socialist. Mission accomplished! Although he let his socialism slip in the news story with the ever famous "Joe the Plumber." I'd like to say I'm shocked that this didn't turn a light on over everyone's head, but I'm not shocked. The media loves Obama so much he could say anything and they'd back him up.

I truly believe, beyond ANY reasonable doubt, that if you switched everything Obama said with what McCain said in the debate, 95% of Obama fans wouldn't even notice. They'd be praising him. I whole heartedly believe that. And I don't say that with the intention of insulting the intelligence of Obama fans. (Sort of). I was watching the pre-debate coverage on MSNBC and it was among the dumbest I've ever seen. At one point someone was asked what the biggest issue in this election is and someone said "Race." His reasoning? He said it was because if this election only involved people under 45, Obama would win by a landslide...


Let me get this straight. If you're over 45, you're not voting for Obama because you don't trust black people, and if you're under 45 you're OBVIOUSLY voting for Obama because you're enlightened enough to know he's the only REAL candidate here when you're not blinded by the color of skin. Gotcha. Thank you MSNBC and Obama supporters. This just about sums up the following Obama has. Time for an analogy: Most Obama supporters are like starving gluttons lined up in a row ready for Obama to feed them a 'CHANGE sandwich.' For six months they high five each other and stuff themselves with this 'change sandwich' until next year comes around. By now they've been eating so fast and for so long that they finally take a moment to look down and notice what they're really eating. A poop sandwich of deception, socialism, drizzled with a low-fat 'friendly demeanor' sauce. Oh that's why it tasted so good.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Come Togetherrrrr right now....over me ( & Obama) by Jackie

I am going to give a little overview of the last presidential debate from my perspective. At 8:53 PM I knew I only had a couple of minutes to make my getaway.

I showed up at the Ely Lounge to meet up with my Political Communication class. The debate started at 9:00, but the gym was only opened until 10! What to do, what to do?! So I decided it was in everyone's best interest for me to sneak down to the gym right before the debate started and then come back up about 45 minutes in. So after my 2 mile run I headed back up. I had to be kinda secretive so my professor didn't notice. Oh wait..I hope he isn't reading this...

I sat down just in time. McCain was all, " Well I didn't like some of the things that were yelled at your rallies Senator Obama. In fact some t-shirts were made that just aren't acceptable!" Woah what did I walk in on? This was intense! I was all hot and sweaty, or maybe that was from the run? I did feel bad for both of them. I mean whatever I know they are running for president and they have all this money and who cares about their feelings, but you could really tell that they were both hurt about things that had been said.

Obama wants everyone, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Aliens and whomever else to come together! He believes that in order to solve two wars, get out of this horrible financial crisis, and get more jobs and other good stuff we need to all work together or else we won't be any better off. Obama is trying to get down to business and then McCain comes out with this Acorn issue. So annoying. Acorn is a community organization that apparently diddled around with some votes, paid people to go register false votes they made up names and what not.. I don't know the exact details but I do know that Obama didn't have anything to do with it!

I won't go over the whole debate, Angela and Alicia have really covered it. I just wrote down some random notes while watching it which I will now go over:

McCain: Blinks a lot. --- likes the word "cockamamie"
Obama: Nice smile.--- Wants more fuel-efficient cars. $4,000 tuition credit to college students in exchange for community service/peace core/ other stuff. I LIKE IT!

Let's try this one last time by Angela

For the last debate of the election, filmed at Hofstra University (what up Long Islanddd!), me and my fellow Political Comm. students hung out in the Ely Lounge at Westfield State College to watch. It's important that I mention snacks were provided and that this kid was eating nachos chock full of salsa, fake yellow cheese and sour cream. Ew. Anybody who knows me knows that sour cream is the bane of my existence. *Shudders*

I sat next to my lovely roommate Katie and my fellow blogger Alex Ross of Box-o-Thoughts fame.

Bob Schieffer was the moderator for the evening. I liked the setup of the debate - for those who didn't watch, the candidates and the moderator shared a small round table. It added an element of intensity and the candidates were forced to interact. And because of the sweet split screen, I was forced to watch McCain blink and grimace endlessly.

The first question asked dealt with Wall Street and the economic crisis.
McCain answers first, and apparently I'm fucking pissed.
"Americans are hurting right now, and they're angry. They're hurting, and they're angry. They're innocent victims of greed and excess on Wall Street and as well as Washington, D.C. And they're angry, and they have every reason to be angry."

"Now, we have allocated $750 billion. Let's take 300 of that billion and go in and buy those home loan mortgages and negotiate with those people in their homes, 11 million homes or more, so that they can afford to pay the mortgage, stay in their home."

Obama answers by reminding us for the 100th time that we are in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
"Number one, let's focus on jobs. I want to end the tax breaks for companies that are shipping jobs overseas and provide a tax credit for every company that's creating a job right here in America. Number two, let's help families right away by providing them a tax cut -- a middle-class tax cut for people making less than $200,000, and let's allow them to access their IRA accounts without penalty if they're experiencing a crisis."

They start talking about taxes...

Who's Joe? McCain is stuttering about small business taxes and Joe the Plumber's American dream. Did I miss something?
Obama - Tax cut for 95% of Americans
McCain - Wants Joe the Plumber to act as a type of Robin Hood? I'm confused...

*McCain is lookin' smug, the crowd at Ely Lounge is feelin' the vibe and getting into it. Some clapping, laughter, and hoots. YEA BOI!*

What's with the phrase, "...countries that don't like us very much." I've heard it said by McCain at least three times over the course of the debates. Is that a technical term or just a nice way of saying "... countries that want to bomb our asses"?

Quote about hatchet & scalpel

McCain is verbally flopping around in Obama's old metaphors.

Q. Balance budget in four years?
McCain insists that he is NOT George Bush*. Well, everyone knows that the best way to get people to not think you're a certain way is to vehemently deny it. Like when you're at a party and the slutty girl keeps drunkenly saying "Look, I'm not a slut. I'm really not. But I just gave dome to like, three guys..."

*Who's George Bush?

McCain still insisting Americans are angry. DON'T TELL ME HOW I FEEL! GOD JOHN YOU'RE ALWAYS TRYING TO CONTROL ME!!!
Obama flashing pearly whites whilst defending himself as a person with a history of "reaching across the aisle."

Obama: "Now, you've shown independence -- commendable independence, on some key issues like torture, for example, and I give you enormous credit for that. But when it comes to economic policies, essentially what you're proposing is eight more years of the same thing. And it hasn't worked. And I think the American people understand it hasn't worked. We need to move in a new direction."

McCain: "But it's very clear that I have disagreed with the Bush administration. I have disagreed with leaders of my own party. I've got the scars to prove it." (Take my scars...take my scars...)*
"Whether it be bringing climate change to the floor of the Senate for the first time. Whether it be opposition to spending and earmarks, whether it be the issue of torture, whether it be the conduct of the war in Iraq, which I vigorously opposed. Whether it be on fighting the pharmaceutical companies on Medicare prescription drugs, importation. Whether it be fighting for an HMO patient's bill of rights. Whether it be the establishment of the 9/11 Commission."

*It's a reference to "The Craft," people.

The debate starts to get feisty when Schieffer brings up the parties' campaign tactics. Obama and McCain start writing furiously and it's at this point that I notice Obama is left-handed! (Like me!) McCain brings up some dude named John Lewis. Apparently he was talking shit about McCain and Palin, and Obama never "repudiated" his comments.

I have two questions. McCain - if you're pissed that Obama didn't "repudiate" Lewis's comments, why didn't you "repudiate" the comments made by that racist dude at Palin's rally?

Also, what does repudiate mean?

Obama said that 2/3rds of voters feel McCain is running a negative campaign. He also said that 100% of McCain's ads are negative. What struck me as funny is that McCain thinks the commercial dissing his economic plan is a "negative" ad, or, personally insulting. How in the hell is providing a different idea or perspective insulting? It's called informing the public, bitch-ass.

Why is everyone using the word vigorous now? Vigorous this vigorous that. I vigorously reputiated Joe the Plumber's pork-barrel spending.

The biggest laugh of the evening came after the two candidates began talking about their VP choices.

McCain, "Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin." DONE.
(At this point my teacher pointed out that the reaction line of undecided Ohio male voters rose while women remained neutral. Sarah Palin is hott!)

OK, so McCain is left-handed too. Boo.

The two candidates are going back and forth rehashing their policies, their arguments against the other person's policies, and repeating the same metaphors and one-liners. The only thing making this interesting is the potential anger-induced stroke I'm waiting for McCain to have.

I'm not sure what question was asked or anything, but Obama says "we can't drill ourselves out of the problem." He starts talking about his energy plan...

McCain tweaks and freaks out saying we must drill now! What a dumbass. HOW LONG CAN WE DRILL FOR UNTIL WE HAVE NO OIL LEFT? THAT ISN'T GOING TO HELP ANYTHING IN THE LONG-TERM!

McCain- crazily angrily grinning
Obama- post-BJ calmness. Michelle are you hiding under that table?

"Would you favor controlling health care costs over expanding coverage?"
Obama discusses his health care plan and the uncommitted Ohio voters like it!
Both candidates talk about obesity in young children. Alex leans over to me and says, "I had a fitness program. It was called P.O.W. camp!" Hehehe.

The overturning of Roe V. Wade-
Q. "Could either of you ever nominate someone to the Supreme Court who disagrees with you on this issue?"


McCain: "I will find the best people in the world -- in the United States of America who have a history of strict adherence to the Constitution. And not legislating from the bench." "I would consider anyone in their qualifications. I do not believe that someone who has supported Roe v. Wade that would be part of those qualifications. But I certainly would not impose any litmus test."

Obama: " I think it's true that we shouldn't apply a strict litmus test and the most important thing in any judge is their capacity to provide fairness and justice to the American people." "Now I would not provide a litmus test. But I am somebody who believes that Roe versus Wade was rightly decided. I think that abortion is a very difficult issue and it is a moral issue and one that I think good people on both sides can disagree on."

McCain is flustered by even the mention of late-term abortions. OK gramma!
I think Obama handled the topic of abortion well. He kept trying to keep shit neutral by saying it's a tough decision on both sides and that the most important thing is working together to prevent unintended pregnancies. Well played.

OH and did anybody hear McCain say, "Let me talk to you about an important aspect of this issue. We have to change the culture of America. Those of us who are proudly pro-life understand that." UHHHHH, what kind of bullshit is that?!

Obama wants to hire an "army of new teachers." Soo, not jaded ones? He does make a good point when saying that in order to improve a child's education it needs to come from the PARENTS! I bet Mama Rochelle, an ex-middle school teacher, said hallelujah to that. Even the audience in Ely clapped.

McCain is all about the charter schools, something Obama also supports. But aren't charter schools expensive? What if some families can't afford to send their kids there?
"And we have to be able to give parents the same choice, frankly, that Sen. Obama and Mrs. Obama had and Cindy and I had to send our kids to the school -- their kids to the school of their choice."

So ridic! First of all, "school choice" only works if you live in an area where there IS a choice.

Final Statements
The two candidates make their final statements, which are basically one-liners and recycled cliches strung together to form a paragraph of lies. Wow, I'm jaded.

McCain: "I have a record!"
Obama: "Fundamental change!"
Me: "*Snores*"

The real winner by Alicia

OK, let me tell you who the real winner of Wednesday night's presidential debate at Hofstra University was. Yes, yes, clearly Sen. Barack Obama trounced the lagging Sen. John McCain more thouroughly and cooly than he did in the first two debates. And McCain sputtered and stumbled, repeating the same catchphrases over and over. And if we go by the polling numbers released immediately following the face-off, yes, it looks like the public agrees McCain was left babbling in Obama's wake.

But did B come out on top? I don't think so, my friends.

Joe the Plumber won that battle.
Did you guys WATCH that debate? Joe the Plumber's name got tossed around more than the nerdy kid's lunchbox.

If you didn't watch, and rely solely on buntology for your campaign trail news, here's the recap. And B) Good work, buntology is all the news you need.

At the beginning of the debate, while discussing economic policy, Sen. John McCain made reference to a Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber in Toledo, Ohio, who attended an Obama event. Joe the Plumber told Obama, "Your new [econmic] plan is gonna tax me more" or something like that. Obama, caught on camera, explained something something "I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they've got a chance at success, too. And I think that when we spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

McCain called out B for that, critiquing the "spread the wealth" idea. And then brought up Joe the Plumber 32 more times throughout the evening.

"Joe should be able to buy his own business!"
"So people like Joe the Plumber can own his own ... business!"
"My plan HELPS people. People like Joe, Joe the Plumber."

And so on. You get the idea.

I watched the debate at - surprise! - my day job. I watched with rest of The Eagle copy desk and my .. I don't want to say my favorite reporter, because I like all of my reporters a lot .. but on both a professional and human level, he's my secret fave. Uh, so anyway, we watched the debate, and reporter Jack and I noticed McCain's repeated economic metaphors about hatchets and scalpels. Yes, I know B also used the reference. But McCain mentioned it multiple times, and it kind of freaked us out. Jack was like, "It's like Saw 5. First, I'll use my hatchet .. then my scalpel .." HA! I chimed in, "Then, my chainsaw .. !" HA!

But Joe the Plumber and Jigsaw weren't the only recurring slogans in McCain's sorry snubs.

We heard about how we shouldn't be sending $700 billion a year for oil "to countries who don't like us very much." Guess which country we get most of our oil from? Canada. Those fuckers!!

And did you know? McCain's willing to fight his own party. And he's got the scars to prove it.

The most exciting thing McCain did was get nervous and stammer. Oh, did I say exciting? I meant predictable.

B, on the other hand, remained cool and collected. And when moderater BIll Schieffer brought up the attack ads the rivals have been lobbing at one another, Obama addressed the issue with a calm directness. He told McCain that he was 8 years old, and Bill Ayers was 40, when Ayers was with the radical political group Weather Underground.

McCain and Palin have recently been calling attention to the fact that Obama was on a committee a few years ago in Chicago with Ayers, who is now a professor. This is the guy Palin's talking about when she says B "pals around with terrorists. McCain also mentioned that Obama launched his campaign for the presidency from Ayers' home. Obama calmly told McCain that wasn't true.

"The fact that this has become such an important part of your campaign, Sen. McCain," B said, "says more than your campaign than it does about me."

By the numbers
Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg worked with a focus group of undecided voters in Colorado. He crunched some favorability numbers, and here's what he came up with.

Here were the favorability-unfavorability ratings for each candidate at the start:

McCain: 54 favorable / 34 unfavorable
Obama: 42 favorable / 42 unfavorable

And after?

McCain: 50 favorable / 48 unfavorable
Obama: 72 favorable / 22 unfavorable

And, if you really wanna get down with this, here's the full hour and 30-minute debate.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Party on Pearl Street by Ivan

NORTHAMPTON – Man Man, a rock band from Philly, came to Western Mass. last night, and of course it was a groovin’ time.

Ange, Alicia, Jacqueline,
Tim "T-Ratt" Rattelle, Matt Minski, his lady, Jess, and his friend Zach and myself all made the trip over to the Pearl Street Ballroom in Noho (That's Northampton, Mass., for you out-of-staters - Alicia). After listening to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” over and over, Man Man finally came to the stage … in their trademark fashions of white clothes and face paint.

Which reminds me, these kids offered me and Alicia white face paint, which we put on. Critter Crat (I think) came out with a red mask on. Me and Alicia and Ange got an awesome spot all the way up in front of the stage.

The band kicked things off with some songs from Rabbit Habits. They played Easy Eats, which Alicia wanted to hear wicked bad (Uh yeah, it had been my away message on AIM for like a week). They played a long set, mixing it up from songs from all 3 of their albums.

Later on, Pow Pow jumped up playing the drums and the noisemakers with Honus Honus, and I immediately knew… it was Black Mission Goggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then freaked out. (That's Ivan's jam.) They played sooo many good songs. At the end they finished off playing Young Einstein on the Beach, Engrish Bwudd, and Poor Jackie (I was off with my SISTER Jackie when the song came on, and I lovingly crooned every verse to her. She really seemed to enjoy it!). I was also pumped to hear Gold Teeth, which was pretty siqqq!!! They did not play one of my faves though, Push the Eagle's Stomach, but whatevs.

Anyways Honus Honus, while playing Engrish Bwudd, decided to use Ange’s head as a percussion instrument, which was sweet! Haha no ... but he did touch her head

I kinda wish I hadn't been so fucked up on Jim Beam, because I know they played shit from The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face, but I can’t remember which songs exactly they played. There was so much wilin’ out and raging for such an amazing show. It was one of the greatest shows, if not The Greatest, that I've ever been to.

When you’re listening to Man Man, you just go wild. If you get a chance to see Man Man, definitely do it. If they do come around near you, let me know so I can also go. If they play near you and you don’t go, then also let me know so I can throw a baseball bat at you.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Man Man...Oh man...

On Saturday night the girls and I went to a Man Man concert. Man Man? Huh? What the heck is that? I bet that is what a lot of you are thinking. (They are the sickest band ever. - Angela) I was thinking the same thing only two weeks ago. I only agreed to go because the girls peer pressured me, and a bunch of the Westy crew was going. After I bought the ticket I listened to a few of their songs. I really got to learn what they were all about on a long car ride home the other week. Ivan was driving and Angela sat shotgun and for over an hour and a half I was immersed in the sounds of Man Man along with the screaming/singing and dancing coming from the front seats. I wanted to kill myself. I kinda enjoyed it. The band was definitely talented and learning the songs got me pretty excited for the concert.


We headed to Pearl Street in Northampton at around 9:00 pm. There was a good amount of people there. I don't know if like there was a dress code that I didn't know about but almost everyone was wearing stripes and hoodies. (It's called the cool hipster casual look.) Stripes or not, everyone seemed really nice and pumped up for the show. When the concert started everyone made their way up through the crowds and mashed themselves into the front moshing area. I however knew right away this was not where I wanted to be. I would rather be on the sidelines takin it allll in. (I was raging in the front with Alicia and Ivan.) (And at one point i had white war paint on, like the band members, but in the hot sweaty clusterfuck it rubbed off. Probably for the best. - Alicia) Plus who else would get vids and pics for buntology? Buntology always comes first in my book!

An hour into the show Alicia's drunken self came stumbling out of the mosh. She was a sight to be seen! Drenched in sweat, covered in bruises, barely standing... Wow I was so glad I wasn't stuck in that clusterfuck of a moshpit. I didn't get to see much more of the concert after that because my job then consisted of holding Alicia up, finding and feeding her water, and dressing her wounds. (Hahahaha.) (Listen, it was fine, I was fine. I got a little beaten up, but like for me, that was very hardcore. Ange and Ivan said it wasn't even a real mosh!)

After she got herself together...well somewhat together, we hung around the merchandise area. We made a new friend. Mark. Mark the tall boy from Amish land Virgina. I think? He was a nice guy, we plugged Buntology for a little while with him. (You scarred him for life.) (We did NOT scar him for life; as Jackie was hauling me outside, he called for me by NAME. Like, "Alicia, where are you going?" I think he may have been enticed by my fresh good looks. See picture at right.) The concert ended and Angela came running outside screaming about meeting the main singer or something. (Uhh, he touched my cheek during a song and he hugged me and thanked me for singing along!) (So jealous. Honus Honus stroked Angela's cheek! The only thing of mine that got stroked was my head, with Jackie's palm. And by stroked I mean smacked.) I was like texting and ready to leave at that point so who knows.

Looking back on the concert now I give the "Man Man" a thumbs up and maybe a 3.7 out of 5. (Dude, why did we have Jackie write this review? She doesn't even like the band!) ( Judge for yourself, readers: For your enjoyment ... MAN MAN!! (Honus Honus is the dark-haired gentleman bobbin his head in the front. He's the one who caressed Ange.) I don't know what that scale represents really but I just wanna throw some numbers out at ya. If you are looking to rage it out and dance around like a sweaty mongrel go see Man Man! (Well, I guess that's true.)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sorry to deflate the Obama balloon (no I'm not) by Will

It's obvious that anyone who doesn't like Barack Obama doesn't like him because they're a racist.

Come on. Let me begin by saying by almost no means am I a McCain fan. If I ever diss Obama, everyone's like "Yeah well thats because you LOVE John McCain... and George Bush!" Wrong. "Will, don't you know how stupid McCain is?!" OK, I don't disagree, stop trying to make me. McCain is certainly not a good candidate and he's not a maverick. All he does is try to play off what will win him votes. Sarah Palin anyone? How about voting for the bailout because that was the popular thing to do at the time? He's also anything but a conservative. John McCain sucks. But Barack Obama is worse.

You know how a lot of people hate religion solely because of religious people? They don't hate God, but they hate God's fanclub. Admittedly that's a huge part of the reason I hate Barack Obama. Everyone loves him for all the wrong reasons. I've said before I'm not too political, and that's true. But can't help but feel like I'm well-informed when a typical stance for Obama that his fans give me usually sounds something like this: "He's for the people man! It's time for CHANGE. He's such a great speaker and... dude, you're racist." Yes. Little did most of you know my middle name is Adolf. If we're playing the race card here, let's try and approach this fairly and look at a few things we KNOW about Obama.

The church Barack Obama attended, baptized his children in, and gave money to was led by Reverend Wright. Reverend Wright. Reverend Wright is a racist. If you don't think so or aren't sure, Google his name or type it into YouTube and watch any video and listen to anything he says. I won't even quote him because I'm overly confident that if anyone does a search for him all you'll find is hate speech. This is literally the equivalent of John McCain donating money to the KKK every week. It is. But I'll play fair. Let's give Obama the benefit of the doubt (the same way we'd naturally give McCain the benefit of the doubt if he were donating money to the KKK) and assume Obama ONLY attends that church for the donuts after the service is over. Hey I like Krispy Kreme and I'll sit through a sermon of "God damn America!" to enjoy a handful. Let's even give him that much and assume he's not a racist... Why else should someone dislike him?

Well there's really no reason to dislike Obama if you like Socialism. Obama and Socialism go together like Tuna, Noodles, and Surprise. Mmmm. I liked Robin Hood when I was a kid, but at some point I remember thinking, "Robin Hood is... kind of a bad guy." Taking money from the wealthy and giving it directly to the poor, or using it on programs for the poor is actual Socialism. It's taking money from people who worked for it and earned it, and giving it to people who didn't. That's one of the only things that is clear that Obama will be doing if he's president. The worst part of that is, it actually directly effects the middle class as well. Let's give an extreme example and say we start taxing the oil companies 300% what we tax them now. They're greedy bastards anyway, they deserve it! All that happens now is gas prices go up 300% and they make the same money they're used to and you either start walking to the liquor store OR fill up for nine dollars a gallon to drive yourself there to feed your habit (...Jackie) The oil companies could really care less. If you want to save time and cut out the middle man, you can not elect Barack Obama and instead every week find a homeless person and give them half of your paycheck. I find that it helps to really imagine yourself doing it. You can work 20 hours a week for yourself and your own interest, then proceed to work another 20 for someone you've never met and programs you don't care about. (And don't roll your eyes at me, I can actually see you doing it!) If you think it sounds extreme, it's not. When you can finally retire at 85 years old, I won't say I told you so. I'll just redirect you to buntology.com to view that article from October 2008. By that time the Bunt girls will inevitably be living large off the buntology profits... but not really because 3/4 of their first million went to a government program authorized by Barack Obama to provide free hairspray to contemporary pet groomers to start styling their poodle's with some zazzy new dews! But I think we can all agree upon the "end all" question. Is staring at Barack Obama's handsome face for the next four years worth the cost? Hell. Yes. Where do I sign?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Second Newb Debate Coverage by Angela

The debate on Tuesday took place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and was moderated by Tom Brokaw. It was done in the “town hall style” which means the candidates are pretending to be Casual Cathy's. I'm very interested in seeing how both McCain and Obama deal with this.

My friend and I are playing a game in honor of the debate tonight. I think we said every time McCain tells an unnecessary story we have to drink.

The first question is from the audience. I didn’t really pay attention to the answer because I was trying to find a bottle opener for my beer. But I did notice that McCain was standing way too close for comfort while he answered. Also, McCain’s movements across the stage look choreographed while Obama glides.

With the economy on the downturn and retired and older citizens and workers losing their incomes, what's the fastest, most positive solution to bail these people out of the economic ruin?
"The middle-class need a rescue package. And that means tax cuts for the middle-class. It means help for homeowners so that they can stay in their homes. It means that we are helping state and local governments set up road projects and bridge projects that keep people in their jobs.

And then long-term we've got to fix our health care system, we've got to fix our energy system that is putting such an enormous burden on families. You need somebody working for you and you've got to have somebody in Washington who is thinking about the middle class and not just those who can afford to hire lobbyists."
*Cough cough* McCain *cough.* Obama is all about helping the middle class. I don't understand why people think that Palin is the one who is down with the regular peeps. She was a fucking beauty queen! How un-down to earth can you be? And McCain, well Jesus he has like, 10 houses.

“You know that home values of retirees continues to decline and people are no longer able to afford their mortgage payments. As president of the United States, Alan, I would order the secretary of the treasury to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America and renegotiate at the new value of those homes -- at the diminished value of those homes and let people be able to make those -- be able to make those payments and stay in their homes.”
I can't relate to this at all and therefore am not processing what he's talking about.

Bailout Package?
McCain: "It's a rescue not bailout." *Takes two steps, raises arm* it's electric-- boogie woogie woogie! McCain just used the word catalyst. I was once told by a teacher that I was the catalyst for the classrooms bad behavior. And I'm like, "I cant help it if people listen to what I have to say."

Obama why are you grinning / sitting like you’re well-hung?

Obama: "Small businesses and large businesses just can't get loans...they may have to shut their doors and lay people off."

I kind of like this debate setup, save for the awkward choreographed shuffle McCain is doing.

So wait, who is Franny and Freddy?

Is it just me, or is it an accepted thing that you never know what the hell politicians are talking about? Honestly, the people voting are the regular Joes. They don't understand bullshit and big words. Well I mean, I understand big words but you know. Just get to the point. That's what I like about Obama. He understands his audience and his voters.

Economy: worse before it gets better?
Obama: "No, I am confident about the American economy. But we are going to have to have some leadership from Washington that not only sets out much better regulations for the financial system."

Obama says that we need to make sure our voices aren't drowned out by congress. I do feel that the government is run by a bunch of rich cunts who just don’t get it. Not to be uber biased, but clearly Obama gets it. Or he's just doing a damn good job of pretending.

McCain: "The point is --" sweet, he's getting to the point! "The point is that we can fix our economy. Americans' workers are the best in the world. They're the fundamental aspect of America's economy. They're the most innovative. They're the best -- they're most -- have best -- we're the best exporters. We're the best importers. They're most effective. They are the best workers in the world."

There's no point in that answer! You lied!!! You lied to me, dammit!!!

Time passes, Obama says he wants priorities working for the people and to get rid of current lobbyists... McCain says that he's been a consistent reformer and tells a story about how great he is.

It seems like all McCain does is talk about something he has done in the past, diss Obama, and make one statement that is actually relevant to the question. "We need to reform." Obama diss Obama diss Obama diss. "I have fought to reduce earmarks!" Diss diss diss. *Shuffle shuffle slide, moves right arm.* Dude McCain is getting so close to these people asking questions it's uncomfortable for me and I'm not even there.

I just think it's so BLATANT that McCain never answers his questions. He is CONSTANTLY bullshitting. Like I've said, I'm not super politically informed, but I've watched every debate this election and still I have no idea what McCain's stands for.

Like, even if Obama is lying about his plans, I have to respect the fact the he HAS plans. He is clear about what he wants to do:
"That's why I've called for an investment of $15 billion a year over 10 years. Our goal should be, in 10 year's time, we are free of dependence on Middle Eastern oil."

I feel like McCain thinks the country is dumb enough where he can just blab about nothing, but because he is a white republican he'll win. (The sad part is, that may be true. And our country is kinda dumb.)

"We're gonna have a larger deficit than the federal government if we don't get this under control." - Brokaw on going over the designated amount of time. Hahaha.

Question about making sacrifices?
Tries to rally everyone together by saying "We're Americans!" *Rolls eyes.* Don't act like you're some home town American boy. You're rich as hell. You don't relate to most Americans.

WHAT? Off-shore drilling? I thought you didn't want off-shore drilling!??! Angie confused.
"How can we save energy in our homes, in our buildings?" Yes. So true. Ya know, the new WSC toilets are madd energy and water efficient. Ya boi!

"Wall street got drunk." - Brokaw *Drinks beer.*

Obama: Washington needs to have good habits to set a good example.
"It's important for the President to set a tone, all of us are going to blahblah..."

By the way-- What's an earmark? Seriously what is it.

Hatchet Scalpel metaphor. Damn good.

Jello metaphor. Not as good.

Obama has to say what he has to say. He gets shut down by Brokaw when he asks for time to make a rebuttal. Ouch. But he looked hot trying to take that stand. HE'S NOT AFRAID! Certainly not stifled.

"We're not going to solve Social Security and Medicare unless we understand the rest of our tax policies. And you know, Sen. McCain, I think the 'Straight Talk Express' lost a wheel on that one." (BAHAHAHA.) "So let's be clear about my tax plan and Sen. McCain's, because we're not going to be able to deal with entitlements unless we understand the revenues coming in. I want to provide a tax cut for 95 percent of Americans, 95 percent."
"My friends, what we have to do with Medicare is have a commission, have the smartest people in America come together, come up with recommendations, and then, like the base-closing commission idea we had, then we should have Congress vote up or down.

So let's look at our record. I've fought higher taxes. I have fought excess spending. I have fought to reform government. Let's look at our records, my friends, and then listen to my vision for the future of America. And we'll get our economy going again. And our best days are ahead of us."

*Jaw drops in disbelief at McCain's non-answer.*

How fast will Congress move for the environmental crisis in the next two years?
McCain: Instead of answering the question he just talks about what he did with Lieberman. I'M SO FILLED WITH RAGE. Just fucking answer the question. All he does is diss Obama. OMG HE IS TALKING ABOUT BEING ON A NAVY SHIP I'M GETTING SOO MAD.

Obama: He is making a lot of comparisons to computers and the environment. I don't quite get it. He's saying our solution to the environmental crisis is going to bring the country into the future the same way computers did. Kind of a lame comparison. Obama is pulling a McCain and just pointing fingers.

McCain grins very creepily and then refers to Obama as "that one" and points to him. NA NA NA NA *sticks tongue out.* McCain, in time of a national crisis are you gonna walk around pointing fingers or are you gonna take action.

Health care?
This is a big one. I immediately hear Obama talking about co-payments. I can relate to that shit.
"If you've got health care already, and probably the majority of you do, then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with it. You can keep your choice of doctor. We're going to work with your employer to lower the cost of your premiums by up to $2,500 a year.

And we're going to do it by investing in prevention. We're going to do it by making sure that we use information technology so that medical records are actually on computers instead of you filling forms out in triplicate when you go to the hospital. That will reduce medical errors and reduce costs.

If you don't have health insurance, you're going to be able to buy the same kind of insurance that Sen. McCain and I enjoy as federal employees. Because there's a huge pool, we can drop the costs. And nobody will be excluded for pre-existing conditions, which is a huge problem."
As a senior in college, health care is something that is going to directly affect me. Eek!

Obama drops the "M" bomb. Mammograms!-- THANK YOU.

Now McCain will ride on the coattails of Obama's answer:
"I want to give every American a $5,000 refundable tax credit. They can take it anywhere, across state lines. Why not? Don't we go across state lines when we purchase other things in America? Of course it's OK to go across state lines because in Arizona they may offer a better plan that suits you best than it does here in Tennessee.

And if you do the math, those people who have employer-based health benefits, if you put the tax on it and you have what's left over and you add $5,000 that you're going to get as a refundable tax credit, do the math, 95 percent of the American people will have increased funds to go out and buy the insurance of their choice and to shop around and to get -- all of those people will be covered except for those who have these gold-plated Cadillac kinds of policies."
McCain, hate to tell you, $5,000 in a failing economy aint shit.

“I've heard a lot of criticism about America, and our national security policy, and all that, and much of that criticism is justified. But the fact is, America is the greatest force for good in the history of the world. My friends, we have gone to all four corners of the Earth and shed American blood in defense, usually, of somebody else's freedom and our own.” - McCain


I think this debate is more interesting than the last one. Maybe it's the off-the-cuff (contrived as it may be) atmosphere, but I like it. I like the live audience.

"When we stand idly by, that diminishes us,” Obama. "There's a lot of cruelty around the world. We're not gonna be able to be there all the time. That's why it's so important to work with our allies."

Hm, is it too late to change the drinking game to take a drink every time the word "fundamental" is used?

"We will kill Bin Laden, we will crush Al Qaeda." OK OBAMA. WOAHHH.

McCain: “You know, my hero is a guy named Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt used to say walk softly -- talk softly, but carry a big stick. Sen. Obama likes to talk loudly.”

*Snorts.* Loud stick. He he he.

*To the tune of Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys*
Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. BOMB BOMB BOMB, BOMB BOMB IRAN!

"I was joking with a veteran friend who was joking with me..." "But the point is..." What IS the point? You went nowhere with that story, just wanted to remind everyone how tight you are with the vets. Ugh. *Fumes.*

Obama is very much into changing our image around the world. I think that's so key. Over the last eight years we really have turned into the smelly kids on the playground who act like bullies in a futile effort to hide their messed up home life.

The next question is from some dude named Terry Sherry. Weird:
“Senator, as a retired Navy chief, my thoughts are often with those who serve our country. I know both candidates, both of you, expressed support for Israel.”

McCain thanks him for his service. Now he's gonna slob on his nob for five minutes. Blah blah blah, McCain obvi thinks the entire voting population is made up of vets.

“We cannot allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon. It would be a game-changer in the region. Not only would it threaten Israel, our strongest ally in the region and one of our strongest allies in the world, but it would also create a possibility of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. And so it's unacceptable. And I will do everything that's required to prevent it.”

The last question asked is “What don’t you know, and how will you learn it?”
Both candidates answer the question in one cheesy line and then go into tangents about what they do know and how awesome they are.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bring me your bananas by Rochelle

I feel I must mention a few elements of the second Obama/ McCain debate that the average person may have missed or deemed insignificant.

I actually turned it away for about half an hour because I already knew the responses that were coming. I know more about these two guys' foreign policies, health care plans, proposed tax cuts, and every other thing they say over and over and over.

The one thing I don't really get is this financial crisis, which is a shame since I actually have a portfolio and I am undoubtedly getting screwed over big-time. You know the saying ... ignorance is bliss. Well, I'll wait til my financial adviser guy won't take my calls and then I'll know for sure how bad things are.

Do I have to mention that colleges could have a great drinking game going on if they did a shot every time McCain called us his "friend"? His VP choice is winking and doing shout-outs and he's "my friend"-ing every two seconds. Gee, not much on public speaking, these two. I don't find it homey and cute - I find it annoying and condescending.

When did Pakistan start being called Pockeeston? When did Taliban start being called Tollybon? It sounds too friendly. Reminds me and my husband of an old Harry Belafonte song: "Please Mr. Tollibon, bring me your bananas ..."

Finally, not a criticism but a question. Is 'beneficially' a word? I am serious - I really don't know and am too tired to look it up (even on the Internet). McCain used it several times and it made sense in context, but I don't think I have ever heard the word used before. Benefit, beneficial, but never beneficially.

Gotta say Palin was more entertaining. No really, entertaining like a sitcom.

By the way, did you notice the ladies in the audience ogling Obama?

I'm not your friend, pal by Alicia

What a surprise: I had to work at the paper for Monday's presidential debate.
But this gave me the opportunity to see lots and lots of McCain / Obama photos. I'm talkin' dozens. I was also rapidly and clumsily texting my sisters and mother all night. (I've got like these small, unwieldy Hobbit fingers. Not hairy or anything, though, just stumbly and uncoordinated.)

Uhh anyway.

Choosing a strong piece of art for our front page was tough, because every single image was the same, and they all sucked.

The problem was that the stage for this "town-hall style debate" was large and and red and there was nothing on it but two chairs for our candidates. Against this bright red background, it became distractingly apparent that John McCain is old, Tom Brokaw is old, and Barack Obama is young, young, young. Tom Shales of The Washington Post, back me up on this one.

There was one picture in particular that really terrified me.

Anyway, the problem is that we can't be biased. But it seems like all the photogs that went to this thing feel the same way I do: It's just sooo much easier to look at Obama. So I'm left with a slew of pictures with Obama gesturing, or frowning, or grinning, or shaking hands, or listening intently ... and like 12 of McCain hunched over, grinning tightly, or with that moist man-face thing going on ..

I did pick a pic, but I wasn't super-satisfied: It was the best photo of McCain and the worst of Obama, and my B still looked about 150% more palatable than his rival.

Oh, right, and I think they talked, too? Something about the economy ...

Anyway, here are some Bunt text excerpts from Monday night. Also, Jackie was texting too, but she was drunk by 10 and therefore incapable of anything other than taking Fbook photos of herself.

Alicia: Obama ... so hot
Rochelle: McCain ... so not

Jackie: Obama so hot
Alicia: Right?

Angela: It's like thank you obama for talking about co-payments and mammograms and relating to the middle class
Alicia: So true. Stop avoiding issues mccain and answer the damn Q

Rochelle: Obama is too cute

Rochelle: 'My friend'
Alicia: He's an ass .. I'm not your 'friend' john

Rochelle: Not the surge talk again

Rochelle: Wait was McCain a veteran?
Alicia: uh not sure. if only he would tell us

Jack: So I made an ass out of myself

So I think the bottom line here is, if you got it, flaunt it, B.

AP image

Buntologically Informed