Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekly Westfield Round-Up by Angela

Welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Westfield Round-Up. I know we promised the round-up on Monday, but I'm still getting settled in here at WSC so mama is busy.

The first night at Westy (a Monday) was pretty fun. Me, Alicia and Jackie all rocked ourhemp necklaces (courtesy of Lauren Davenport) and hung out in my new on-campus apartment, err, "Old Apartment" as it is called. I share the place with five hot chicks. We had friends come over (plus our dear friends right across the hall) and drank, chilled, and poked smot all night. Is that phrase cliche?
This is me wearing the scarf my roommate Katie got me from Italia. I love it! I actually wore it to the bar tonight. Luckily no drunken cunts spilled beer on it.

Of course everybody loves Ivan, our bffl / PR guy.

I got super super drunk the next night (surprisingly out of character for me) and don't have pics to show. Or even much of a memory at all. That's not completely true. I do remember getting written up and plugging Buntology to
the R.A. busting my balls.

A bunch of us went out again on Friday (obvi) and Alicia swooped in after work to come play. Sidebar: I have a love/hate relationship with the expression "come play." Jackie came with Leesh and we were all chillin' at a bar called the Maple Leaf. I played a game on this touch screen thing. It was just like Word Whomp (Best Game Ever) so I clearly owned that shit. The Maple Leaf was okay, but the real fun began when we got home.

On Saturday lots of friends came to visit. We all went to this Chinese restaurant called the Panda House to get scorpion bowls. It was fun, but there was a legit monsoon outside soo I was kind of a cunt until I dried off.

We went home and "raged" my apartment and the apartment next door. We even dropped those damned parachute men off the fire escape.

A few of us stayed up until the wee hours of the morning and tried to have intelligent conversations. That is, until American Girl by Estelle came on. We blasted that shit.

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well... glad to see you are getting a good education and that your parents money is well spent.

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